Edition: Drawing Block Silhouettes

Drawing Block Silhouettes

Screen print on Freelife Cento Extra White 260 g/mp
Edition of 30

53,6 x 22 cm (folded)
68 x 22 cm (extended)

Drawing Block Silhouettes is a series of silhouettes extracted from the cover of a drawing block of papers quite common in 1970s – 1980s Romania. In the original drawing the architectural silhouettes were meant to give scale to the building of the State Circus in Bucharest. The characters were placed with certain distances between groups of people. The paper is folded in a way that these distances are eventually eliminated, bringing the people closer together. This gesture is a comment on the idea of social or physical distancing that appeared early 2020 as a way to deal with the global pandemic.

Vlad Nancă’s work with characters from architectural drawings began in 2017 with a collection of miniature silhouettes found in one of the flea markets in Bucharest. His main motivation is to “bring them to life”, for each new series of works building a different narrative. Vlad Nancă’s work with architecture is one of his methods of researching and problematizing less obvious aspects of 20th century modernism. The Drawing Block Silhouettes series recontextualizes some possibly forgotten characters of the socialist period by bringing them to the present. This gesture opens questions regarding peoples’ memories of recent past and nostalgia for periods of actual hardship.

The work comes in an embossed envelope and can be displayed framed in the folded / extended version or self standing as an object.
EUR 150